Sources of Power

We have all heard about the dangers of nuclear power production but a lot of us do not know that the global nuclear waste already produced thru nuclear power production, if by chance contaminates the global water cycle, is enough to terminate almost all complex life on earth.

Wind and Solar power production is so inefficient that no where in this big wide world, power productions from these sources are connected to the electrical grid matrix, without government subsidies.

Thomas Edison had once said, “The power of the future will come from the ocean”. Why then do we choose to ignore this guy who brought the light bulb to give us light? Can you imagine the world without light?

National Geographic Magazine, Dec., 1977 issue, “The Ocean’s is energy is enormous. Swift current flows around the world. Converting these forces to useful work tantalizes energy experts. They visualize offshore generators powering coastal cities… They dream of ocean generated hydrogen gas replacing today’s fossil fuel… The potential seems boundless…. Tidal power can outclass NUCLEAR POWER GENERATION anytime, in terms of SAFETY and COST of power.

Do you know that the guy who has the most efficient way to harness the ocean is a pure blooded Filipino? Do you know that his technology is much more efficient than the “SEAGEN”, the world’s “Guinness Books of Records” holder for ocean generated power?

Do you know that this guy has called up a challenge to His Excellency President Benigno “Noynoy” C. Aquino, III , for him to be subjected to a thorough investigation and his technology examined by Top knowledgeable Engineers and Hydrodynamic Experts, from both UNITED STATES and UNITED KINGDOM? Do you know this guy is so sure, is willing to bet his life, he has the MAJOR solution to the billion dollar problem of the energy crisis and the climate change problems? Do you know, all the world’s 54 OIL producing countries, except for only 11 countries remaining, has reached peak oil production- such that, productions are now fast diminishing? Do you know that by year 2015, the shortfall will be 10- million barrels per day ?— Merrill Lynch

Do you know that this guy who could, by all probability, help here and now, is challenging the Office of the President to find the truth about the technology so the country can be liberated from poverty?

This guy I am referring to you is now the President of Mahalin Ang Bayan Foundation, Inc.

There is a strong possibility, in the light of the present turmoil in Arab countries, that OIL will become very expensive. Thus, food prices in the Philippines will shoot-up resulting to chaos and anarchy. The possibility of unsetting the present dispensation because of poverty is not too remote…

“The implication for future WAR is OMINOUS”…

Diodeles S. Mordeno Jr.
Trustee- Mahalin Ang Bayan Foundation, Inc. (MABFI)