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MABFI is a non-stock non-profit organization organized and existing under the laws, rules, and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines.

2. What is the purpose of MABFI?

The main purpose is to help provide the major solution to the most dangerous issues ever encountered by MAN and PLANET. At the same time, through the use of the technology breakthrough, can rapidly industrialize the Philippines- Thus, massive employment opportunities will be generated, improving the life of every FILIPINO and for the nation to be able to find its rightful place in the LEAGUE of NATIONS;

3. How could this SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE TASK be accomplished by MABFI?

By providing help in funding the production of the Prototype of the SKYLA TURBINE; through the necessary process of Research And Development (R & D) of the breakthrough technology, in United Kingdom. This technology was verified and evaluated by 3- Top U.S. Scientist at the OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY (ODU), Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The technology is the most advanced technology in Renewable Energy production from the ocean – very cheap, clean and its almost limitless power could be produced – a major solution to CLIMATE CHANGE.

4. How could this technology help the people of the Philippines?

Energy is the life blood of civilization. The Philippines is one of the countries that have the highest cost of power in the world. This is the reason why we cannot compete against countries that have cheaper power sources. With cheap cost of power, industrialization can easily be accomplished. Food production will become cheap; hence, cheaper food will become available to the poorest of our people.

5. How then could we be able to help MABFI?

Individually we wish you to become a part of the 500,000 MODERN-DAY FILIPINO HEROES who will whole heartedly give ONLY ONE-TIME U.S. $ 20 DONATION to share our burden-“NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS”.

6. How could we be assured that donations will be handled properly and is not a SCAM?

We believe MABFI is the only organization that has accounts with OPEN-DISCLOSURE with the BANK. Any inquiry with UCPB, CAINTA BRANCH in regard to the account’s BALANCE and movements will be entertained by the bank.

To maintain complete transparency, all of MABFI’S meetings, including that of the BOARD OF TRUSTEES are OPEN to the public VIEWING. Anybody can acquire copies of the Minutes of the MEETINGS for the cost of the
XEROX copies of the pages.

7. What will the 500,000 MODERN DAY HEROES get?

Nothing much, except to be a part of MANKIND’S QUEST FOR SURVIVAL and helped transform the WORLD into HYDROGEN ECONOMY: This economy uses Hydrogen as a power source, NO POLLUTANTS, NO GREENHOUSE GASES, Clean power without smoke.

Plus, once you or your friend is in the Website; type the name of anyone of the MODERN DAY HEROES and the picture will appear beside our greatest national HEROES.

8. What will happen to the Philippines and its people?

The Philippines will become an ECONOMIC POWER of Asia, with government able to provide Free Education to all deserving Filipinos and provide much better social services to those that are economically challenged. Massive employment opportunities will be made available to our people and the 500,000 MODERN DAY HEROES WILL BE REMEMBERED, As well as the FILIPINO PEOPLE for that matter; to be the RACE that staves off the biggest source of Global pollution.

9. What is the SKYLA PROJECT?

The SKYLA PROJECT is the study made by a group of Filipino Inventors, Researchers and Engineers that started about 25 years ago. The study aims to pre-empt and provide the major solutions to the incoming Oil Crisis (Decline of global oil production) as well as the biggest source of pollution.

10. What is the timeline after the correct amount of FUND is collected?

Between two and one-half to three years when commercial production of power will begin.

11. What are the things to be done to reach commercial production of power?

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