MAHALIN ANG BAYAN FOUNDATION, INC. (MABFI) is in need of only 500,000 true-country-loving Filipinos, from all walks of life, to spearhead the beginning of the true Philippine Economic Revival that will place our country in its rightful place in the LEAGUE of NATIONS. This economic revival could be attained thru technology application that will result to rapid industrialization.

Presently, the advocacy of MAHALIN ANG BAYAN FOUNDATION INC. is supporting the SKYLA PROJECT, an engineering breakthrough in Renewable Power Generation that can provide the major solution to the Global Energy Crisis (PEAK OIL- diminishing supply of FOSSIL FUEL) and Climate Change. Let us all show our love for MOTHER EARTH and love for our country; not only in word but also in DEED. The future of our children, our children’s children will all depend on what we will do or will not do now. Be a part of MANKIND’S QUEST FOR SURVIVAL…


To search, help, and provide support to people with exceptional talents in all aspects of human endeavor: in arts, culture, and in particular in science and technology. MABFI’S goal is for these exceptional people to attain excellence in their field of endeavor. Thus, promote breakthrough that can fuel the fast industrialization of the country; hence, the MASSES will enjoy a better life, better quality food on their table, and a better chance for good quality education-“ONE for ALL, ALL for JUAN”.

The Skyla Project 

A group of Filipinos has figured out a way of extracting large amounts of power economically from the tidal flow in the open sea. The prime mover derives power from the moon’s rotation around the earth, producing the ocean’s tidal current.

Although the concept of this prime mover started 38 years ago, it was only in the last twenty years that a group has started evaluating all types of turbines for open sea use. Mathematically, aside from the SKYLA Turbine, no turbine could be made cost effective under a typical 3 miles per hour current flow, equivalent to an ultra-low pressure head condition in hydroelectric dams.
To date, all turbines for high power use need to have high-pressure heads to produce high-speed jets that hit the buckets or blades to make it cost effective. Without the high-speed jets, all high power turbines become ineffective. To solve the ultra-low pressure head dilemma, SKYLA project was created.

It could be confirmed mathematically that the SKYLA TURBINE can convert a 6 mile-per-hour tidal flow, without the use of permanently situated infrastructure, into a battery of prime movers, each producing 5 to 7 million watts of power per unit. Because the moon is forever moving around the earth, the ocean where the awesome power is stored will also be forever moving. Harnessing the open sea tidal flow will open the window of unlimited clean power to start a new era in human history – mankind’s quest for a perpetual machine will somehow come to reality since excess energy produced can be stored for later use. Better still, by the use of the very cheap power source, HYDROGEN, the fuel of the 21st century can also be viably produced. Hydrogen as a source of power is used by N.A.S.A. in their space probes. FUEL CELLS using hydrogen as fuel, are used for space vehicles, land and sea transport. Hydrogen-Economy is coming now at last.

Because of the greed of world industries for electrical power, burning of fossil fuel worldwide contribute 9-billion tons of CO2 and 5-billion tons of sulfur oxide (SO) release to the atmosphere annually. Scientific findings confirm CO2 a product of combustion is the major contributor to global warming due to green house effect. Tidal flow utilization therefore, must be made as rapidly as possible; otherwise, Man, will be on a one-way ticket to extinction.

Lemuel T. Arizo
President Cleanworld Philippines