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MAHALIN ANG BAYAN FOUNDATION, INC. (MABFI) is in need of only 500,000 true-country-loving Filipinos, from all walks of life, to spearhead the beginning of the true Philippine Economic Revival that will place our country in its rightful place in the LEAGUE of NATIONS. Read More


Philippines Economic Collapse – Scenario
We are probably well aware that gasoline is derived from crude oil by separating it out in a refinery. Crude oil, in turn, is pumped from underground reservoirs, which are generally believed to have taken millions of years to form. Read More

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How then could we be able to help MABFI?
Individually, we wish you to become a part of the 500,000 MODERN-DAY FILIPINO HEROES who will wholeheartedly Give only a ONE-TIME U.S. $ 20 DONATION to share our burden-"NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS"
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PEAK OIL: Matt Simmons Interview
Matt Simmons Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of Simmons Company International, the largest ENERGY INVESTMENT BANK in the world.

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Malacañang helpless on oil price increases
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MANILA, Philippines – As fuel prices go up anew today, Malacañang admitted it was helpless in the face of the steady increase, saying the nation’s only option at the moment is to “follow the market forces.”

On Tuesday, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum announced that it would adjust the prices of its petroleum products twice a week to immediately reflect changes in fuel prices in the world market and in foreign exchange. Read More

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